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Lawn John Lawn & Landscaping - Maintenance and Design - Residential and Commercial

Lawn & Landscape Services

Residential & Commercial

P.O. Box 18032

Sugar Land, TX 77496




Bill Van Rickley - LAWN JOHN Lawn and Landscaping

"We don't just cut your grass,

we care for your lawn."
Bill Van Rickley,

your lawn care specialist.



Additional Services

Tree Trimming

Lawn John, can trim, prune, cut and remove, small to medium trees.  Residential tree care requires more than just removing unwanted trees and shrubs.  Safety, property enhancement, security and long term landscaping plans are all important aspects to consider before removing or trimming trees on your property.  Special care is given when trimming or removing trees in fort bend County to ensure that no other trees or structures on the property are damaged. Our staff strives to guarantee your satisfaction with the work performed. Lawn John is not a professional tree service.  For large trees we recommend a professional tree service.


Lawn John lawn and landscape provides aeration once a year in May 2010 for the cities of Sugar Land Missouri City, Stafford and the surrounding Fort Bend County.  You can improve your Grassís health with a process called aeration. Every lawn whether St. Augustine or Bermuda needs to be aerated at some point in its life. To see if yours is due, consider contacting Lawn John and getting a free lawn analysis. An analysis will tell you about the general health of your lawn and whether your lawn's soil could benefit from aeration. When you aerate your lawn, you punch holes in the soil. These holes allow more air and water circulation around your lawn's roots, preventing fungal invasions, and they encourage the growth of healthy microorganisms in the soil. These microorganisms eat lawn thatch, a layer of dead bits of grass on top of the soil that can choke out your lawn. Aeration also makes it easier for your lawn to grow stronger, deeper roots. A good root system is essential for your lawn's survival in times of drought. Contact Lawn john today to get on the schedule for our May 2010 Aeration your lawn will thank you!


Lawn John provides mulching services for the cities of Missouri City, Stafford, Sugar Land and Fort bend County. Adding mulch to your garden will improve the health of the soil and beautify the appearance of your landscape.

Cover garden beds with a layer of mulch to keep weeds down and reduce the need for water. Annual weed seeds are less likely to sprout when the soil is covered with enough mulch to keep the soil surface in the dark.

When it comes to water, even a thin layer of mulch (nature's moisturizer) will reduce evaporation from the soil surface. Thicker mulches can reduce water use by as much as 50 percent.  Soil improvement: This calls for the use of organic mulches that break down to add organic matter to the soil.

Mulch comes in 3 Colors, Black Brown or Red, and a number of wood typed from pine, cedar and native plants to South east Texas.  When you order hard wood mulch you are helping recycle plant material from you own community.  We will weed the beds, cut in a new edge and spread the mulch all for one price.  Mulch beautifies your property, keeps the weeds out and fertilizes your beds all at the same time.

Contact Lawn John for a free estimate today!

Yard leveling

Lawn John Lawn and Landscape will level your yard, we will get rid of the low spots that cause fungus, improve you drainage, and the look of your yard.  Schedule a free landscape drainage analysis today.


Lawn John can correct any drainage problem you have on your property; we can install underground drains, tie you gutter down spouts into the new drain or existing drains.  For some properties it is more cost effective to install a drain rather than regrade the area affected.  We will move the water to the street or proper drain areas. Call Lawn John Lawn and Landscape for your free drain analysis today.


Lawn john will sod any part of your turf that is dead or in distress due to Chinch, Bud, Brown Patch and over and under watering, springtime is the best time for sodding.  In spring the temperatures mild which is more conducive for new growth and lessens the chance of distress or under watering on newly laid sod.  Let us return your yard to its natural beauty, call or e-mail for a free estimate today.

Cleanups after winter

The winter is tough on your landscape, Lawn John Lawn and Landscape will clear dead plant material, trim up all plants, fertilize needed areas and haul away the debris.  The best time of year to complete a cleanup is in early spring when you plants and trees are coming out of dormancy.  In spring you costs will be lower due to les foliage and plant debris to haul off. Lawn john will return you property to a look you can be proud of.

Organic Fertilizing

Lawn John Lawn and Landscape is concerned about the environment, organic fertilizers are a natural way to fertilize you lawn and plants without hurting the environment,   the cost up front are a little more, but you will be a partner with mother earth when youíre done. 

Bed fertilization

Organic or synthetic fertilizers and mulch are the best way to keep you planting in tip to shape, let Lawn John Fertilize your beds Trees and Grass area and keep everything in your landscape a beautiful green year around.









Our Residential / Commercial landscape and Commercial Lawn Maintenance

services are offered for the Following areas:

Sugar Land, Stafford, Missouri City, Fort Bend County and Southwest Houston
Residential Lawn service Only Offered in Sugar Land, Stafford and Missouri Cities