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Lawn John Lawn & Landscaping - Maintenance and Design - Residential and Commercial

Lawn & Landscape Services

Residential & Commercial

P.O. Box 18032

Sugar Land, TX 77496




Bill Van Rickley - LAWN JOHN Lawn and Landscaping

"We don't just cut your grass,

we care for your lawn."
Bill Van Rickley,

your lawn care specialist.



Lawn and Landscaping Services

Do you live in one of the following communities and in need of landscaping or lawn services?

  • Sienna Plantation, Missouri City
  • Riverstone, Missouri City and Sugar Land
  • Sweetwater, Sugar Land
  • Telfair, Sugar Land
  • Avalon, Sugar Land
  • Greatwood, Sugar Land

Our residential lawn care service is designed to provide a clean, professional look to your lawn, showcasing the beauty of your entire landscape. We strive to maintain the enhanced value of your home and community. To maintain the health of your grass, we never remove more than one-third of the grass height per visit. The height of the grass is maintained between the recommended minimum and maximum heights for the type of grass and the time of year involved. Weekly, Bi-Weekly and One-Time services are available.

Your lawn is more than just dirt and grass. It's an extension of your home. When it's thick and green, it invites you to kick off your shoes, lie back and lose yourself in its simple perfection. As you probably know, mowing and watering aren't always enough for growing a beautiful lawn. To get the professional results you want, it's sometimes best to use a lawn treatment service. We can help you avoid the guesswork and uncertainty that can prevent some homeowners from treating their lawns on their own.

Growing a beautiful lawn requires treatments all season long. A lawn service makes sure your lawn gets the proper amounts of fertilizers and insect control products at the correct times throughout the year. You never have to worry about missing a scheduled visit, even when you're at work or on vacation.

Lawn products work the best when they're applied correctly. But buying or renting professional application equipment can be expensive. A lawn service has all the proper equipment and the trained professionals who know how to use it. And when your lawn products are applied correctly, there's less waste. Which means you're saving money too.









Our Residential / Commercial landscape and Commercial Lawn Maintenance

services are offered for the Following areas:

Sugar Land, Stafford, Missouri City, Fort Bend County and Southwest Houston
Residential Lawn service Only Offered in Sugar Land, Stafford and Missouri Cities